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Guy Seemann has worked in government for more than 10 years. After his last post in the Prime Minister's Office he decided to take on his own projects forming 3 NGOs in the fields of politics, the arts and social volunteering. In addition, he launched his first for-profit company in the pharma sector.

He plays Soccer and Tennis, dances hip-hop and loves to sing and act.

A South African Olah, with a fair share of world travels in-between, Caylee straddles the intersection of the Start-Up Nation and the developing world.  Today she leads the business development for an exciting tech Start-Up “connecting the unconnected” through any mobile device. When she is not travelling in Africa, Caylee can usually be found drinking wine on her balcony in the Yemenite Quarter.

Emma is a Floridian-British olah

who came to Israel in 2008.

A wine-o and balabusta at heart, her tipple of choice is a bold and strong red wine accompanied by the smelliest cheeses. A marketing professional, she spends her non-wine hours exploring Tel Aviv, cooking and baking up a storm and hanging out with the most

gorgeous munchkins Lior & Itay.

The Wine Wednesday Team

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